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Let us introduce you to CBN, also known as the „sleepy cannabinoid”!

What is CBN? Simply put, when we expose THC to heat and light, it degrades and turns into CBN; a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid with an exquisite amount of health benefits to offer! OurHEMPCo CBN oil is obtained from our premium organic hemp; a form of Cannabis sativa plant that contains only a small amount of THC.

OurHEMPCo CBN drops do not contain other cannabinoids, so we added different terpenes – organic aromatic compounds that give cannabis its distinctive aroma and contribute to its flavor. We chose: myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, and linalool to accompany our CBN oil drops.

Right now CBD is more popular than CBN; it’s often found in beauty and food products such as oils, shampoos, creams, pills, and chocolates. People often use it to help manage symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and other medical conditions. CBN, on the other hand, is slowly gaining popularity as the general public learns its true potential benefits for sleep and pain management.

CBN Oil is beneficial for sleeping disorders (including insomnia, night terrors, etc), managing stressful everyday life, easing exercise-induced inflammation, and managing chronic pain. Depending on the potency, you could expect to feel the effects of OurHEMPCo CBN oil drops within 30 to 1 hour.

To sum things up – OurHEMPCo CBN oil can be used effectively as a sleep aid or sedative, as well as a pain reliever!

Take a look at OurHEMPCo CBN Oil assortment, we are sure you will find something suitable for your needs. While CBN Oil can be extremely beneficial, we strongly advise you to do your research and/or consult with your doctor before implementing Our products into your routine. Everybody is different, and not every product is going to work for you!

Made with love, from Our family to yours!

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Did you know that hemp originated in Central Asia?

Hemp cultivation for fiber was recorded in China as early as 2800 BCE and was practiced in the Mediterranean countries early in the Christian era, spreading throughout the rest of Europe during the Middle Ages. It was planted in Chile in the 1500s and a century later in North America. At this moment, there are over 30,000 hemp-based products available on the market; ranging from food products, and beauty and pharmaceutical products, to car parts, construction materials, and clothing.

So, what sets OurHEMPCo products apart from our competitors?

OurHempCo takes great pride in our organically grown seeds, fertile soil, and hands-on approach to farming. Our manufacturing facilities have rigorous standards when it comes to quality and consistency.

First things first, OurHEMPCo is a family-owned business which means that we make products that we would want Our family to enjoy. Everyone wants only the best for their family, and we are not an exception! We labor every day to make this dream a reality and dedicate all our efforts to making the most trustworthy and dependable hemp products. Our high-quality hemp extract harnesses powerful botanical benefits; Our field is the science of Botanics and Our focus is unlocking their power. Our mission remains at the core of everything we do: to improve lives in a natural way!

Based in the Balkans, or more specifically – Serbia, Our Hemp Farm grows and cultivates the purest premium quality hemp in Europe. United in Our vision, Our team of experts includes local farmers, extractors, manufacturers, and distributors all working in harmony to create the purest and most potent CBD and hemp products for you to enjoy!

All our products are independently tested – from harvest to point of sale; in order to ensure the highest quality and transparency. As industry pioneers in the region, we have been an integral part of the movement towards regulating and setting a legal framework for CBD and hemp-related products in the Balkans!


Serbia is famous for its fertile soil, natural sources of water, and a moderate continental climate perfect for agriculture. Right at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe, Serbia housed the headquarters of the only European hemp stock market.

Until 1989 Yugoslavia (Serbia’s predecessor) and Romania were the 2nd and 4th largest hemp producers in Europe.

So, this is a perfect place to call our home! Our team has decades of experience in hemp growth and cultivation in Europe.

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